SAS introduce new innovative technology enhancing customer service

SAS introduce new innovative technology enhancing customer service

SAS have introduced the use of Samsung Toughpads across all collections and delivery’s used by all drivers and all contracts.

The new handheld PDA provides a fast, efficient, more effective way of managing and monitoring the customer’s collections and paperwork. The system enables SAS to have live access to the jobs as they happen and can identify any issues and access any information required instantly. This has helped to improve the SLA’s for customers, provides instant availability of paperwork and has improved communication across all levels with staff and customers. The PDA also allows for jobs to be more easily accessible by all departments and provides an extra form of live GPS tracking of drivers and goods.

Customers and individual contracts now also have the benefit of being able to login to the system via the SAS website with their unique details and receive the following benefits:

  • Access to the status of their collection/delivery’s on a live basis as it happens
  •  Instant access to the POC/POD that can be uploaded immediately
  • Customers can see the eta of jobs, times of collection etc
  •  Customers can obtain driver details, vehicles registrations for each collection
  •  Customers can obtain photos of the goods that are being collected/delivered
  • Ability to track the collection/delivery into/out of the warehouse for chain of custody
  • Can identify any failures as they occur
  • Waste transfer notes can also be completed on the system to and downloaded
  •  Customers can see the inventory of exactly how many items have been collected.


    sasphone3 sasphone4


Drivers also benefit from:

  •  Being able to add any notes to the individual jobs
  •  Can take photos of the items that they are being collected
  • Can communicate with head office directly
  •  Enables drivers to capture digital signatures
  •  Drivers can ensure checks are made on vehicles before disembarking each morning
  •  Offers a star rating option for customers to rate the level of service received enabling live and accurate customer feedback.
  •  Any information added is instantly sent to the website for everyone to see.